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Badrinath Temple history and beliefs – Essay Expansion

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Essay Badrinath       

Badrinath or Badrinarayan Temple is a Hindu temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this temple is located in the city of Badrinath in Uttarakhand in India. Badrinath temple is one of the Chardham or Chhota Chardham pilgrimage sites.

It is situated on the left bank of river Alaknanda between two mountain ranges named Nar or Narayan. One of the Panch-Badri is Badri. Panch Badri, Panch Kedar, or Panch Prayag in Uttarakhand’s essay is important from the mythological point of view or from the point of view of the Hindu religion. This temple is dedicated to Badrinath in the form of Lord Vishnu. It is situated in the north direction at a distance of 214 km from Rishikesh. Badrinath Temple is the main attraction in the city.

This temple of Lord Vishnu built in ancient style is very huge. Its height is about 15 meters. According to the legend, Lord Shiva discovered the image of Badrinarayan on a black stone in the Alaknanda river on top of the Shaligram stone. It was originally built in a cave near Tapt Kund Hot Springs.

Badrinath temple construction

In the sixteenth century, the king of Garhwal got the idol lifted or established in the present Badrinath temple. or it is also believed that Adi Guru Shankaracharya got the temple built in the 8th century.

According to the arrangement of Shankaracharya, the priest of the temple is from the state of Kerala in South India. There is a huge temple of Lord Vishnu or the whole temple is situated in the lap of nature.

This temple is divided into three parts, the sanctum sanctorum, the darshan mandap and the sabha mandap. There are 15 idols installed inside the temple of Badrinath. Along with this, there is a one-meter-high black stone statue of Lord Vishnu inside the temple. This temple is also called “Vaikunth of Earth”. In the Badrinath temple, offerings of Vantulsi garland, raw gram, kernel balls, sugar candy, etc. are offered.

According to folklore, the establishment of Badrinath temple:-

According to the legend, this place was arranged in the form of Lord Shiva Bhoomi (Kedar Bhoomi). Lord Vishnu was looking for a place for his meditation and he liked the location of Shivbhoomi near Alaknanda. He took the form of a child at the present Charanpaduka site (near Neelkanth Parvat) near the confluence of Rishi Ganga and Alaknanda river and started crying.

Mother Parvati and Shiva came to that child after hearing their crying and asked that child what do you want. So the child asked for the place of Shivbhoomi (Kedar land) to do meditation. By changing form in this way, Lord Vishnu acquired Shivbhoomi (Kedar Bhoomi) from Shiva Parvati to do his meditation. This holy place is also known as Badri Vishal today.

Religious Place of Badrinath Temple

1. Amazing hot spring located on the banks of Alaknanda called ‘Tapta Kund’.

2. A flat platform called ‘Brahma Kapal’.

3. There is a ‘snake’ rock mentioned in mythology.

4. A rock with the alleged imprint of Sheshnag is ‘Sheshnetra’.

5. The footprints of Lord Vishnu are- ‘Charanpaduka’.

6. Neelkanth, a high snow-capped peak as seen from Badrinath, is popularly known as the ‘Garhwal Queen’.

How Badrinath Temple got its name Badrinath

There is an interesting story behind this, it is said that once Goddess Lakshmi went to her maternal home after getting angry with Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu started doing penance to persuade Goddess Lakshmi. When the displeasure of Goddess Lakshmi went away. So Goddess Lakshmi, looking for Lord Vishnu, reached the place where Lord Vishnu was doing penance. At that time there was a forest of Badri (Bed) at that place. Lord Vishnu did penance while sitting in the bed tree, so Lakshmi ji named Lord Vishnu as “Badrinath”.

Beliefs of Badrinath Temple

1. According to the mythological beliefs of the Badrinath temple, when the river Ganges was descending on the earth, the river Ganges got divided into 12 streams.

That is why the stream present at this place became famous as Alaknanda.

And this place was made by Lord Vishnu as his abode or this place was later called “Badrinath”.

It is also believed that in ancient times this place used to be full of berry trees. Hence the name of this place came to be Badri Van.

And it is also said that in this cave “Ved Vyas” wrote the Mahabharata or this place was their last stop before the Pandavas went to heaven. where they stayed.

3. There is a main saying about the Badrinath temple. (History or beliefs of Badrinath temple!)

4. The belief of Badrinath Dham is that Lord Shiva got freedom from killing Brahma in Badrinath.

5. It is also said about this place that Nar or Narayan, part of Lord Vishnu, did penance at this place. Male was born in the next birth as Arjuna and Narayan as Shri Krishna.


Hope you have enjoyed knowing the “History and beliefs of Badrinath temple”. Through Uttarakhand Top Article, you will continue to get information related to Uttarakhand’s tourist places, famous temples, etc.

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