Dialer not working
Dialer not working

Ways To Fix +91-8744833324| Dial Not Working During Call For Call Centre

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When an incoming call comes in, your phone’s screen may not always light up. The phone continues to ring, but you cannot see who is calling since the display does not light up. This is a pretty common problem on Android, and it may be embarrassing when your phone’s dialer not working during a conversation.

In fact, when my dial pad stopped working in front of the customer service robot last week, it made me feel dumb. “Press 2 to pick this choice,” she said. However, my dial pad abruptly quit working.

So you can quickly repair it if you have a similar situation on your phone. based on my experience on Android with a similar problem. In this article, we will go through 7 simple solutions to repair the dialer not working during a call. So let us go more into the subject.

Understanding the problem with the dial: Explanation of the common issues that can cause a dial to stop working, such as physical obstructions, power supply problems, calibration errors, etc.

Troubleshooting the Dialer not working issue:

1. Checking for physical obstructions: Description of how to inspect the dial for any visible obstructions and steps to remove them, such as dust, debris, or misaligned components.

2. Verifying power supply and connections: Instructions on checking the power source, batteries, cables, and ensuring proper connections between the dial and the device it controls.

3. Calibrating the dial: Step-by-step guide on calibrating the dial, including the necessary settings or adjustments required to ensure accurate operation.

4. Resetting the device: Explanation of how to perform a reset on the device to clear any temporary glitches or conflicts affecting the dial’s functionality.

5. Updating firmware/software: Instructions on updating the firmware or software related to the device or the dial itself, as outdated versions can sometimes cause malfunctions.

Advanced solutions for persistent dial problems: Provide additional tips and suggestions for more complex dial issues that may require professional assistance or advanced troubleshooting methods.

Methods for Resolving Dialer Not Working Issues

We’ve covered eight ways to repair dialer problems in this section. Let’s look at them one by one and get the right information as per your needs – 

 Dialer Not Working

Simply restart your phone

When the dialer not working on an Android during a call, it’s typically due to software issues, which you can usually remedy by restarting your phone.

Rebooting your phone wakes up the phone system after a brief sleep. During that time, several changes are made, such as releasing RAM, reloading the operating system, resolving problems, and so on. So, if your dial pad is screwed up during a call, resetting your phone might assist; here’s how.

  • To access the power choices, press and hold the Power key.
  • To restart your phone, tap or slide on Restart.
  • After resetting your phone, try using the dial pad to see how it goes.

Use a different phone dialer app.

In conclusion, if you still have trouble using the dialer not working after trying all the suggested fixes, we suspect a problem with the software on your phone or the Phone app itself. But there is a workaround. There are another Phone (dialer) apps available that work just as well.

Regress the Phone app

On the other hand, you might need to downgrade the Phone app if you observed that the dial pad not working during calls after you just upgraded it. The reason for this is that the current version may be broken; it may have bugs or error codes that disagree with your phone system.

Don’t worry, downgrading the Phone app just returns it to its original state. And, because “Phone” is a system program, it’s simple to uninstall. Simply follow these steps:

  • Select Apps from your phone’s Settings menu.
  • Select Manage applications or View all apps.
  • Tap the three-dot button in the upper-right corner and select Show system apps.
  • Select the Phone app from the list.
  • Finally, to downgrade the phone app hit the 3-dot button in the top-right corner again and select Uninstall updates. If you can’t locate it there, you won’t be able to downgrade the phone app. Try a different solution from this post.

After downgrading the Phone app, relaunch it and call as usual to see if the Dialer not showing in Android problem has been resolved.

Update your system

To overcome the dialer not working during calls, you must keep your phone system up to date. Installing system updates might be a suitable solution for most folks who don’t have any way of updating the Phone (Dialer) app.

Because no program is flawless, problems may arise unexpectedly. However, when you apply a software update, it repairs the Dial pad tones not working problems, improves overall system efficiency, increases the security patch, and does other things. Similarly, upgrading your phone might resolve the dial pad issue.

  • Simply open the Settings app on your Android device to update it.
  • To check and update your phone, scroll to the bottom and select Tap on System Update.

Reinstall the Phone (Dialer) app -Dialer Not Working

Without a doubt, rebooting your phone should resolve the issue. If it’s the same old tale, rebooting the Phone app should repair the Google dialer not working on Android during a conversation. To do so on Android, just clean the cache and data for the Phone app, which is one of the most efficient ways of resolving app difficulties on Android.

Concerned about the loss of your call logs? No, rebooting the Dialer app will not delete your call histories or contacts. It just resets the app’s functionalities and, hopefully, resolves the issue. Here’s how to reinstall the Phone app.

  • From your home screen, open the Settings app (launcher).
  • Select Apps.
  • Select Manage applications. 
  • First, select Show system apps by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, locate and touch the Phone in the list.
  • Select Storage & Cache.
  • Finally, to reset the Phone app, select Clear cache, followed by Clear data.
  • Make a call to test if the dial pad is now operational.

Upgraded mobile application

Make sure the Phone app is running the most recent version if the dial pad isn’t functioning during an Android call. A fault in the Phone app, which was later rectified by an app update, was primarily what caused the same issue for the majority of Android users in the past.

So, visit the Play Store right away and update the Phone app if the call center dialer not working and won’t open during a call.

You should be able to view any updates in the Play Store’s “My apps & games” section. You may continue to change it from there.

If your brand does not provide system app updates through the Play Store, you might look for other app update features on your phone. For example, TECNO has HiOS Lab for delivering updates, whereas Infinix has XOS Lab.

Reset app settings

“Resetting app preferences” is a frequent remedy for app-related problems on Android. If your Android dial pad isn’t working during a call, you should try resetting the app options.

Despite what it may seem like, resetting app settings will not remove any of your data. As its name suggests, it merely restores the default settings for the applications on your phone; perhaps, this will resolve the phone dialer for pc not working issue you are now experiencing.

  • Go to the bottom of the Settings page on your smartphone.
  • Select System and then Reset options.
  • Now, carefully choose Reset app preferences.
  • Finally, press the RESET APPS button.

Use the dial pad to make a call after restarting your phone. Try another Phone app if it still doesn’t work.

Still, facing the dialer not working issue? 

If you agree, Google’s Phone app is one of the top dialer applications for Android. And the fact that it now works on any Android phone is an added plus for you. To begin, download the Phone app from the Google Play Store and configure it as your preferred calling app.

These are various remedies for incoming calls if the auto dialer not working on your phone. If you have any problems, please let us know in the comments. Stay tuned for more similar tips and tricks. Call Now+91-8744833324|

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