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Different Types of Assignments Your Institution May Assign

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Usually, from the upper classes of your school you get accustomed with assignments. From the upper level of your school to university, you will get lots of assignments to do throughout your student life. Now, there are different types of assignments you need to do as per your school and college’s instructions. Once you know well about the types, you can figure out how to form the assignment and do it well. For any confusion, you can consult the best assignment help. Here, we are discussing about the types of assignment you have to do in school or college. Read on to know more-

Page-by-Page Assignment

Such type of assignment is known as textbook assignment and it is used in the elementary grades. In this type of assignment, students have to write pages after pages and sometimes, the institution signifies the page numbers that the students need to meet.


Essays are one of the most common types of assignments you need to do in your school or colleges. Usually, essays are long and there are different types like, descriptive, comparison/contrast, argumentative essays, and so many more. You have to understand the tone of the topic and prepare your essays as per the requirement of your institution. You have to be careful about the introduction and conclusion while writing essays. Also, discuss your points with appropriate examples.

Case Studies

Case studies are another type of assignments which students find quite difficult and tricky. To help them, there are the leading assignment help online who can serve you with the best case studies. While writing case studies, you need to be careful about relating the answers with the potential questions, building up a perfect structure, using appropriate and enough resources for your information, and finally, presenting the correct citation. While making the structure of the case study, you should refer the case. You can make the paragraphs just like essays, but strengthen those by referring examples and data from the consecutive case.

Literature Reviews

A literature review can form a large assignment by itself or it can be a part of any kind of assignments. While writing a literature review, you need to follow certain things. First of all, you need decide the topic or the research question. The next step is to search the literature and take notes necessary for your assignments. Finally, you need to write the review. The structure of a literature review should consist of an introduction, body, and the conclusion.

Annotated Bibliography

This is another special type of assignment where you need to summarize the main points and evaluate the weakness and strength of the text. The structure of an annotated bibliography is different than any other writing as here you need to present the references and details at the beginning. Then provide the summary of the text and critique of the text, simultaneously. Finally, finish your discussion with a strong conclusion.

These are some types of assignments student get throughout their life. Knowing the details of these types Uttarakhand top will help you to form it well and you can get good scores.

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